In Back Office Club we have a diverse list of qualified Online/Virtual workers with all kinds of skills, degrees and work experience that will definitely fill the expectations of any employer requiring a specific profile to work for them. A special selection process is done in order for employers to choose from our wide selection of worker profiles.

  • For workers, we offer great opportunities of working for professionals who have their own business and can help them in the process of growth, continue or even starting the business, from which the worker will not just get monetary compensation, but also will get the opportunity to learn and grow professionally from their own place of comfort.

World recent events (Like Covid disease spread) have proven that online work performing will continue to grow sharply in order to beat the barriers of distance, timezone, religions, ethnicity, race  and above all, let the companies, entrepreneurs or any employer developing any legal and profitable activity to have the support of a good worker with the right profile and help them in their regular activities to grow and continue their business. Not to mention, this way many economic activities can continue to be performed with less probability of disruption of any kind.