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Covid-19 Impact

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 on the world economy, millions of professional workers in the US and around the world are unemployed or afraid to choose new jobs where social distancing is not available.
We have excellent professionals with extensive experience available

Benefits of use our remote workers.

At The Back Office Club we are proud to provide a list of high skilled VA’s that can perform great quality work at an affordable price.

VA’s cost depends mostly on the qualifications needed by the employer and the number of hours wanted or required to do the job. Nevertheless, our VA Services are way more affordable than hiring a specialized company or creating a Human Resources department.

A great advantage that The Back Office Club offers to its VA’s is the payment of their work at a competitive rate, yet still affordable for the hiring part.

The Back Office Club is proud to have a very complete portfolio of VA’s with different skills, knowledge and experience y different areas and in different places around the World.

There’s no need for the Entrepreneurs/ business owner hiring part to perform long searches for qualified people or to have a Human Resources department to run payrolls, manage staff, etc. The Back Office club does it for you.

Hiring a VA helps you build or continue your business avoiding big costs and liabilities. At The Back Office Club, every VA counts with their own place, computer, internet and necessary tools to perform the type of work each of them is specialized in.

Virtual Assistant Services allow every business owner to set its own schedule and amount of time wanted/ required for the VA to perform the intended work.

The Back Office Club offers a portfolio of VA’s with different skills and qualifications which, depending on the hiring client’s requirements, will also be accompanied by the necessary computer, desk, tools, etc. Needed to perform correctly the job required.

What we have available for you

Customer Service Agents

Those that helps to keep your customers happy

E-commerce Specialists

They know all the tricks to make your online store work perfectly

Digital Marketing

The ones that generate conversations and grow your brand

IT Guys

The ones that code and make everything online work. We all need one but we never have it available.


The ones that take care of all the details that you don't want to take care of

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